032c’s Stirling Ruby Interview Revisited

On its website, 032c has chosen to re-focus on an interview with Stirling Ruby which first appeared in its 20th issue, back in 2010. The angle centres on Ruby’s current exhibition at the time, 2TRAPS, which offered a solitary experience for the viewer via two monumental sculptures placed in New York’s PaceWildenstein gallery. The interview continues to touch on Ruby’s work, including Supermax 2008, (his solo show at MOCA in ’08), but the most interesting aspect is the fact that the conversation took place several years ago, long before talks for the artist’s collaboration with Raf Simons were set in motion (that collection hits stores this Autumn), and probably before Stirling Ruby even became a household name. The feature was accompanied by photographs by Hedi Slimane. If you’ve got a spare 15 minutes it’s a great read. Find the interview in its entirety here.