‘Advertisements for Myself’

Pretty cool little series up on the NY Times site of artists who’ve been challenged to create advertisements for themselves. Apparently the instigation for these works was a quote in a Gore Vidal review of a Norman Mailer’s book ‘Advertisements for Myself’ which goes as follows, ‘Until very recently the artist was a magician who did his magic in public view but kept himself and his effects a matter of mystery.’ Snazzy right! Francesco Bonami’s breakdown on the series is right – it’s reassuring that these artists take self promotion lightly rather than approaching it with over inflated egos. Who knows what these guys are really like around Frieze or Art Basel though… Included in the series is the likes of Dan Colen, Barbara Kruger, Ryan Gander, Francesco Vezzoli, Jenny Holzer, Phillipe Parreno and more!

Anyway go check out the full series here: http://nyti.ms/1pn8lIF