A Conversation with Daisuke Yokoyama

Since its foundation in 2003, SASQUATCHfabrix. has been killing it under the guidance of Daisuke Yokoyama and his unique take on menswear. Aficionados have been enjoying Daisuke’s designs for close to a decade, but with mainstay global retailers like Haven now stocking the brand it’s starting to gain more of a dedicated following outside of Japan. When you look at the merging of street / high end elements that have come to define the industry’s movements over the last couple of years, SASQUATCHfabrix. almost perfectly encapsulates a look that a lot of people are striving for. The store caught up with Daisuke on a recent buying trip to Japan, to discuss the brand and additional pursuits like Wonder Worker Guerrilla Band (the creative collective that Daisuke and SASQUATCHfabrix. affiliate with). A great piece of insight as per usual from the guys at Haven. Check it out here.