DJ Harvey’s ‘Rules of Style’

No secret that we’re big fans of Harvey. We’ve got a small excerpt from an interview with the NY Times that he did on his fashion to coincide with the release of his Wildest Dreams project’s first record.

Check out his ‘Rules of Style’ on the NY Times site here:


Look your best on the job.
“DJs are nice to listen to, but quite boring to look at. When I’m put in that position, I’m an entertainer. And I dress and aspire to entertain. I might wear a Vivienne Westwood T-shirt with an outrageous graphic on the front. Or a cape. Or a yellow budgie smuggler and a padded silver headband ripped from ‘Stayin’ Alive’ with John Travolta.”

There’s a difference between fashion and style.
“Fashion is lost. Fashion is gone. Everything’s instantly Instagrammed, blogged, whatever it is, and it’s global before it’s even had a chance to mature. I’m just influenced by style. It’s confidence. You can go to Target and put an amazing outfit together just in the way you hold yourself, the way that you walk. There are some very, very stylish homeless people, because they’re not constricted by fashion. They put together items they find, and some really cosmic, wonderful stuff comes out of that that I’m often jealous of: ‘Oh, I wish I thought of wearing a boogie board like that as a hat.’”

Invest in custom footwear.
“I’m all about shoes. Oh my god. I recently was measured up for a pair of John Lobb boots. You go there and they take 18 measurements of your foot. They’re nice to sort of arrive in, like Jimmy Choos. You don’t want to wear them. Well, maybe wear them in bed.”