Epicly Laterd – Ali Boulala

These episodes of Epicly Laterd aren’t easy watching but they’re incredible stories to hear. It’s a bit of a shame that Vice aren’t doing more to push the series. You can’t even see it from their homepage. The latest 4 episodes centre on Ali Boulala who was a childhood hero of mine but whose tale isn’t all sunshine and lollipops. The earlier episodes focus on the drinking culture early in Ali’s career and the later ones what has happened since the death of Shane Cross (R.I.P.).

It’s pretty crazy to think that Flip’s Sorry video came out in 2002. I can still remember getting the DVD (it was pretty much one of the first skate videos to come out on digital versatile disc). Every part was absolutely incredible, and to be honest every part has had a lasting influence (Alex Chalmers’ is criminally underrated). Ali’s part was of course a stand out even amongst such illustrious company.