Felix the Cat at Slow Culture

LA’s Slow Culture gallery is taking a look at the world’s favourite feline in its latest group show, Cats Out Of The Bag. Since his debut in the silent film Feline Follies almost 100 years ago, Felix the Cat has gone through a bunch of iterations, with a whole load more set to emerge when the exhibition opens on May 8. The idea is to pay homage to the world’s first cartoon superstar, with over 40 artists invited to participate, all of whom have felt the indelible impact Felix has had on their art over the years. Matt McCormick says it best: “He’s always come off as the mischievous underdog to Mickey Mouse. His cultural significance has always been influential…growing up listening to punk and seeing The Queers use of him as a mascot, it’s like he’s kind of always attracted a different breed of fan.”