Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore

Unearthing Mark Leckey’s Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore seems timely, given the beginnings of a Balearic comeback currently being experienced here in the UK. I guess it’s a backlash to the ongoing watering down of pop music that selectors and audiences are choosing to move into more eclectic genres again when they’re out and about – a reflection of the original Balearic movement and the freedom experienced in rave culture. Again, this is being reflected in visual aesthetics as well – a recent example being Brett Loyd and Tom Guinness’ “Cornwall Cornwall” shoot for Vol.3 of the Stussy Biannual.

In Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore, Leckey layers ‘70s footage of disco and Northern Soul and ‘90s rave scenes with the mundanity of Britain outside of these dance halls and clubs, set to the sounds of the era. Definitely worth a watch.