FUCT SS14 “Soho” Editorial by Peach Fuzz

Booze. Fags. Glitz. Scum. Jazz. Books. Erotica.

From the Saint Moritz to the Colony Room, London’s Soho district is what you make of it. If you’re a first time visitor, what will you look for?

This is the central theme of our latest editorial, which focuses on the SS/2014 collection by FUCT. Amidst the sleazy playground of Soho by night, we find a central character encountering the area as a visitor. He is comfortable there.

Featuring another strong collection by Erik Brunetti, this is FUCT interpreted by and for the London contingent. Stylistically, we’ve returned to the essence of DIY propaganda and passion media: the zine. Of particular thematic note is the Chinatown reference, found throughout the SS/2014 collection in various graphic motifs. Dim sum for daze.


Creative Direction: Peach Fuzz

Photography: DK Woon/David Farrell

Model: Louis Barber-Cruz