The graphic t-shirt seems to be having a revival as of late. There is definitely a similar vibe at present to the days of Tonite, Holmes and when Fuct was at it’s best.

What better timing then for Goodhood to put on TSHIRTNOW/TSHIRTTHEN, a two part exhibition launched last week at their London store.

TSHIRTTHEN looks back at the development of the graphic tee through the 80s and 90s, pre-internet era, meaning that many being exhibited are undocumented.

TSHIRTNOW is made up of twelve t-shirts designed especially for the exhibition. These tees come from a range of designers, artists and brands including Gasius, PRMTVO, BEINGHUNTED. and ourselves.

If you’re in London and haven’t already checked out the two exhibitions, you’ve still got a couple of days left. If not, all of the tees are available here but be quick.