Grafix Knox

NZ musician, artist and all-round creative guy (some would say genius) Chris Knox – best known as the man behind legendary Flying Nun bands Tall Dwarfs, Toy Love and The Enemy – suffered a major stroke in 2009. Although he still experiences significant debilitating effects, he continues to paint and draw, relearning his technique with his left hand. Auckland-based publisher Beatnik are currently working on Grafix Knox, a book dedicated to an analysis and contextualization of Knox’s graphic/visual art that will coherently align this visual practice alongside his well-documented musical output.

“In the collation of this body of work themes of New Zealand cultural experience, specifically the notion of the ‘hand-made’ as it pertains to local independent music production, will be examined to provide a detailed narrative that seeks to identify, define and consolidate Chris Knox as a leading practitioner and pioneer in the field of ‘lo-fi’ graphic/visual design, and a significant voice within New Zealand’s visual arts landscape.”

Grafix Knox is currently up on Fundnation. You can contribute to its publication here.