Hairy Who and The Chicago Imagists

Slept on this one a bit – only caught our attention as it’s due to have its LA premiere tomorrow. This new film on the Chicago Imagists by Leslie Buchbinder looks like it’s going to be great. Hopefully we’ll get a London showing sometime soon. For those that don’t know:

‘In the mid 1960s, the city of Chicago was an incubator for an iconoclastic group of young artists. Collectively known as the Imagists, they showed in successive waves of exhibitions with monikers that might have been psychedelic rock bands of the era – Hairy Who, Nonplussed Some, False Image, Marriage Chicago Style. Kissing cousins to the contemporaneous international phenomenon of Pop Art, Chicago Imagism took its own weird, wondrous, in-your-face tack. Variously pugnacious, puerile, scatological, graphic, comical, and absurd, it celebrated a very different version of ‘popular’ from the detached cool of New York, London and Los Angeles. Hairy Who & The Chicago Imagists is the first film to tell their wild, woolly, utterly irreverent story.’

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