Kody Nielson Returns as ‘Silicon’

We’ve waxed on about the brothers Nielson before; Ruban for his Unknown Mortal Orchestra project, Kody for his stuff with Opossum, both of them for their output as The Mint Chicks. It’s all sick. In the past couple of days Kody has revealed his latest musical alias – Silicon. God Emoji is the first track, a weird, shimmering piece of disco-pop (I dunno, is there any other way to describe it?), which, like other compositions by both Nielson brothers, is defined by its listenability, despite being super unconventional. It’s funny how everything they’ve done since The Mint Chicks is imbued with a similar sound – strange, melodic tonal progressions, odd production, and brilliant vocals. While we’ve got you here, check out Kody’s 2012 EP (which everyone seems to have forgotten about already), the dizzying, Afro-inspired Devils.