Lele Saveri – “Landscapes”

Lele Saveri – probably best known as the chap behind the likes of the 8-Ball Fair, Muddguts Gallery, and The Newsstand at Larimer St Station – has recently published Landscapes, a book comprised of photographs of nudes and flora taken during 2014. Working with designer Brian Lamotte, Saveri experimented over months with a Risograph press producing hundreds of variants of color and tone. In the right hands, this process degrades the images with a textured beauty, but tends to be unstable (and is expensive for books produced in more than a few dozen pages).

Dashwood Books have decided to treat the Risographs like original artwork, and have scanned and printed them in an edition of 500 copies as part of a series produced by the publisher in the form of literary paperbacks. Pick up a signed copy here.