Mr. Sneeze for Stussy

Because the Stussy crewneck is the official uniform of MR. SNEEZE, Stussy graciously let the editor-in-chief have at it with these very considered offerings.

When wearing with a slight crooked posture, these crewnecks do everything. Use to cross your arms and close yourself to social influence. Raise your left arm and the SNEEZE screenprint placement handily shields from unwanted group selfies/airport paparazzi.

It’s easy on logos and branding deeming it appropriate for a semi-casual date night dinner. Dress it up with a collared shirt on underneath. The simple Stussy stock and crown embroideries are a nod to the 90′s – classic and timeless.

The limited edition run of crewnecks are available now at Stussy in limited quantities.

Photography by Blake Fensom and Sian Chu.