Peach Fuzz #001 – Joshua Brinksman ‘Slomantic Gestures’

This is it – the very first of our mixes. This one is from a close friend of Peach Fuzz and a man whose taste we trust implicitly. Josh’s day job takes him far away from the world of music but his nights are spent inhabiting it. This mix takes a bit of a concept and runs with it. As you might guess from the name it’s got a lot to do with romance. Everything in this mix is about courtship. It’s finding the girl that’s going to dig this mix and knowing that she’s a keeper solely because her taste is on point. The mix has the potential to leave you crying into your Shredded Wheat.

We’ve got plenty more where this came from – so keep checking back!

Peach Fuzz #001 – Joshua Brinksman ‘Slomantic Gestures’ by Peachfuzz on Mixcloud