Peach Fuzz Mix #002 – Boomio Sound

It’s been a while but the Peach Fuzz mix series is finally back, and to intro summer inna fine style we’ve got our mate Dan Kelly, AKA Boomio Sound, to go to work on a tough mix for us. We’ve known Boomio for ages, and when we were looking for a bespoke sound system for our studio space a few months ago we gave him a call. A few days later, a handmade stack turned up at ours. Suitably, Boomio’s mix is exactly the kind of thing we like to run through it! Lots of bass, killer grooves, devastating delay, and a couple hits of psychedelia. Press play and check out how we shot it with Boomio below.

BOOMIO, what’s been going on?

Grinding along and waiting for the summer to kick in!

Talk us through the mix…

It starts with a couple of Thai records that I picked up in Bangkok earlier this year, the second of which I sliced up and laid some dubbed out drums underneath – I’m really feeling those jangly, psychedelic guitar tones at the moment. From there it’s a journey through dub and bass culture. Starting with more commercial tracks from UB40 (‘Present Arms in Dub’ was the first dub music album to place in the UK top 40 album chart) and Stevie Wonder’s ‘Masterblaster Dub’, showing the influence dub techniques have had on popular music since its inception in the late ’60s. From there it’s all about saturated tape delays, springy reverbs and big bottom end. It finishes with a massive Tubby dubplate of Barry Brown’s ‘Leggo Jah Jah Children’. That bassline is so tough, crucial subwoofer business!

Tell us about those sound systems you’ve been building.

I’ve always had a fascination with loudspeakers and sound systems. I’ve amassed all manner of boxes over the years, most of which are hugely inefficient and in questionable states of repair. I’ve had a bit of free time recently so I decided to modernise the stable and start building my own boxes. My first commission was for the Peach Fuzz stack, and it’s snowballed from there. So thank you! Good music deserves no less than to be played on a good sound system.

How about the Deal Real system – what’s the deal there?

I used to spend a lot of time at Deal Real way back when. That little shop was a huge part of a lot of people’s lives – it definitely helped to shape my formulative years and I was happy to be able to give something back.

They asked my bro Inka, who was their in-store DJ, if he knew anyone who could provide a sound system for the pop up store, and he put them in touch with me. Initially, they wanted to hire from me, but my dusty old bins didn’t exactly fit with the aesthetic of a shiny new shop so I offered to build them a bespoke system instead. It was pretty crazy at times because of the real late notice, but I turned it around in 13 days. Deal Real got a dope system, and I got to build some boxes – everyone’s a winner.

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