Photographers We Like: Laura Allard-Fleischl

I’ve known Laura for ages, and it’s been nice to see her portfolio expand over the last couple of years. Moving to London from New Zealand (via a cross country US road trip) in mid-2013, Laura’s put in work since arriving on these shores. We’re big fans of the collage approach she takes to much of her work – best demonstrated in the test shots she executes for various London model agencies. Get to know!

Hey Laura, why the move from Auckland to London?
New Zealand’s beautiful, but it’s a pretty small pond. I feel London has more to offer in terms of variation and opportunity in a creative field.

What are you working on at the moment?
I’ve actually just wrapped a few big projects and am now meeting with clients and beginning to plan the next lot, I can’t give much away unfortunately, but I’m feeling pretty excited about what’s on the horizon.

How do you define your photography?
I always struggle with this one. I feel like I’m still developing my personal style, so right now I feel like it’s jumping around a lot with no promise of settling, I’ll let you know as soon as it does though haha.

Your output is fairly fashion based now – where has this interest come from?
I’ve always loved dress ups, so I’d say that’s what drew me to it initially. You get to shoot beautiful, sometimes insane, creations, on lovely people, in awesome locations. I find that a lot of fun, it’s like an adventure every shoot. I also love the people it’s put me in contact with, people working in industries like fashion are creative, and passionate, and driven, and generally have a fair few screws loose, and that makes them the best people to be around. I’ve started working a bit more with the music industry too lately and that’s very similar I find.

What’s Ponyhunter about?
Haha to be brutally honest, I rely on jobs like test shoots in order to make rent every month, Ponyhunter grants me access to a constant stream of new clothes to use for these kinds of jobs on a freelance photographer’s budget. It’s a means to an end really, photography is what I want to be doing, not blogging.

Favourite photographers?
Benny Horne, Neil Krug, Gen Kay, Willy Vanderperre, Henrik Purienne, Sean & Seng, Erik Hart, Mark Vassallo, Bec Parsons, Zachary Handley, Masha Mel, Emma Tempest, Greta Ilieva, Richard Bush, Lea Colombo, and about half a billion others.