Braindead Drop 1

Braindead's first drop marked a real shift in the proverbial 'cultural sands'. To us it was the death knell for dressing up as a woodsman or pretending to be a 60s Ivy League student.

It was the return of a more reference laden, culturally charged, graphic based era. This was less dressing for the job, more dressing like a slob. But in a good way.

With all that said, there's no way that we couldn't be involved.

We were introed to the brand by a mutual friend and within a few weeks we were helping them to shoot their first lookbook.

We can't take all that much credit for the overall direction of this imagery though. The photos are ours (trusty Contax G2 RIP ), but everything else is the workings of Ed Davis.

For those that are unfamiliar, Ed is one of the brands founders but that's just scratching the surface. Do some research if you can't hear those bells ringing in your head.

Manastash AW15 Lookbook

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