Manastash AW15 Lookbook

Active wear often is needlessly aggressive, carrying with it a machismo that renders it nigh on unwearable for a lot of people. Manastash has a rather different approach to outdoors gear.

Far more in tune with an environmentalist outlook on the world. They're keen to make interesting pieces that come from a more soulful place.

With this in mind, we set about trying to place Manastash's AW15 lookbook in the right context.

After a bit of careful deliberation we realised there was only one answer. A geodesic dome.

We're big Buckminster Fuller fans, so this project was real pleasure, allowing us to combine multiple passions of ours.

We managed to locate a dome in Devon that provided a backdrop for the shoot. Not long after we huddled into a small VW and set off for the South West.

The images that we came back with resonate with the brands ethos and we hope they also try and channel some of the spirit of Hippie Modernism.

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