Primitive Skills Vol. 01

Surf mags as a category have taken their time to catch up in terms of branching out from core content to something a little more representative of their potential wider audience. Wax has been doing a cracking job of it, and now Primitive Skills looks to join their ranks. There is not too much actual surfing going on in Volume 01. The focus is more around the peripheral stuff or the by-product of surf activity. Reggae Night in Central America with Peter Sutherland and Lele Saveri. Roy Stuart speaks about the influence of primitive weapons on his design theories. He also touches on the ’70s, reincarnation, lizard mind, education and time travel. Craig Allsop and Gauranga Ormond speak on Cultural Outreach in Japan. The Search for Fountainhead begins on the Lost Continent. Plus this issue looks at community contributions of surfer habitats from 1973 until 2014, and more. We shall be reading it.