‘River of Berman’

Slight confession. I had a bit of a Silver Jews moment last night. Sat alone listening to ‘Sometimes A Pony Gets Depressed’ was a bit of a revelation. I’d forgotten quite how magical David Berman’s wit is. It led to a bit of an internet stalk of the man to find out what he’s up to in 2015. In that Google binge I happened upon this article by Thomas Beller. All I can say is if you’re a fan give it a read. It’s a touch of a hagiography but also delves into some of the darker matters at hand like Berman’s relationship with his father.

Anyway do yourself a favour and check it out here. Also please be aware, Tablet is a magazine from a Jewish perspective. Do keep that in mind if you end up reading other articles on the site… I haven’t delved too deeply into the ‘political’ and ‘religious’ parts of the site.