S.O.H. – New Collection

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a release from S.O.H. but the latest drop makes it worth the wait. Ed Davis / Ratbrain’s Melbourne-based label subverts street wear codes with abrasive graphics and themes – referencing metal, filth and the like. It’s got a Robert Crumb fuck you-ness to it that is hard to ignore. DOOMSDAY store just got the re-up, and they explain the brand better than most:

S.O.H. was formed in 2012 as a middle finger salute to street wear available at that time. It’s not for everyone and thats how it is supposed to be. It’s for people who dig a little deeper, who don’t think the same and who don’t belong. It’s for Outsiders, Drop Kicks and art fags. For Punks, weirdos and metal heads. No trends are followed and no questions answered.

Hopefully we’ll get another Jeff Potocar lookbook with this drop!