Sack Tap: James Jarvis

We’re massive fans of old Silas, the brand was so far ahead of its time. The legacy of Silas is best seen in brands like Palace and Aries. Although the brand still exists in Japan, it doesn’t quite have the same spark without the original creatives behind it. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of the clobber that they manufacture now is great like the Snugpak collaborations but Silas was always about the wit and charm.

A huge part of that wit and charm was the illustrations of people like James Jarvis. He’s also been responsible for some of our favourite skate graphics over the years. The Descent board series was a bolt out of the blue.

Sidewalk have posted a great interview with JamesĀ here. It runs over hisĀ progression as an artist from those days, and what keeps driving him to create new art.