Stressed: The Life & Art of Matt Reid

“It’s virtually impossible to talk about Organized Konfusion’s genre-busting album without waxing poetic about Matt Reid’s bold mix of graphic design, comic books, collage, sci-fi, animation and surrealism. Sharing rack space beside scores of eye-catching rap covers, including Daniel Hastings’ disturbing cover shots for Gang Starr (Hard to Earn) and Jeru the Damaja (The Sun Rises in the East), the far out beauty of Stress stood out. Before one even listened to the record, Reid’s image served as an introduction to the left-of-center urgency of the group.”

So waxes Michael Gonzales in a recent piece published by the Red Bull Music Academy. Reid – little known outside of the insular Queens hip hop world of the ’90s – took his own introverted, blunted imaginings to numerous album covers and commissioned works throughout the decade, most notably Organized Konfusion’s seminal, Stress: The Extinction Agenda. An insightful piece on the life, work and comic inspirations of an important sub-cultural artist. Read the full article here.