’s ‘Last Days of Summer’ Editorial

We’re intrigued by’s new editorial Last Days of Summer. Not only because it was shot by Alex Olson and styled by Stevie Dance, but because it wholeheartedly reaffirms fashion’s new found love affair with skateboarding and its ongoing nostalgia for a Larry Clark-esque ‘anti-romanticism’ of city youth. That’s a mouthful, but it takes some thinking over – we’ve always been fans of Olson and his endeavours with Bianca Chandon are very commendable – he’s subverting certain subcultures in a super refreshing way. What’s interesting however is that are now very much co-signing a sense of non-style (we’ll refrain from labelling it normcore but we can only assume that word was bandied around during the planning of the shoot). Consider this in the context of BoF publishing its BoF500 list of influential fashion people this week (featuring James Jebbia and Lev Tanju) and it’s worth thinking about. Anyway, fashion and style aside, the photos are great and do well to convey the feeling of carefree days spent hanging out with mates. The models are a group of kids Olson spent a lot of time with over the course of the summer, and the casual nature of the portraits reflects this. We are of course backing the heavy presence of Dickies throughout. Read Olson’s intro to the shoot here.