Swank ‘Zine Reissue!

To accompany the reissue of Skull Skates and Swank Zine‘s Justin Lovely Teapot deck, Tod Swank’s legendary Swank ‘Zine is back, courtesy of his company, Foundation. Three decades after it was originally published, Swank ‘Zine sums up skateboarding’s DIY culture better than most – in retrospect – just because of Tod’s prolific status within that world in the years since. With a hand in the likes of Pig, Toy Machine, Zero, Dekline, Deathbox and skateboarding.com as well as Foundation, Tod’s had his fingers in a lot of proverbial pies. Swank ‘Zine is just one part of that legacy and it’s cool to see how his mind was working back then. This particular issue is from 1984 and features Neil Blender on the cover. While the deck comes with a physical copy of the zine, you can check out a digital version here.