Todd Francis interviewed by Jenkem

Todd Francis is the guy that drew the Anti-Hero eagle – he’s also drawn countless other incredible graphics over the years. Anyway skateboarding’s current best source for interviews and all that malarkey, Jenkem interviewed him on where he gets his inspiration and all sorts. Check out the excerpt below and read the full interview here:


Has anyone told you to your face that your artwork sucks before?
Just the guy in the mirror. Plus I’ve had some people tell me they didn’t like particular things I’ve done, and there’s been plenty of disapproval over the years. But as far as someone issuing a blanket statement of hate toward my entire body of work, not really. The curator who wrote the intro essay to my book didn’t like my stuff very much, but it looks like he has a dislike of an entire category of art going on right now. He can suck it.

Why do you like to draw stuff that grosses people out? Diseases. Pig Fucker? While I imagine many skate artists draw stuff that could potentially sell, it seems like you create art that has the potential to not. Why?
It makes me laugh, that’s why. Eliciting strong reactions out of people is all I’m after, I like art with a message that makes people think and react. I’ve been laughing at the idea of a perfectly drawn bowel movement since I was about 16, so there’s probably something wrong with me and my maturity level. And if it didn’t sell, or if it didn’t make other people laugh or roll their eyes or whatever, then I’d probably not have lasted very long, right? There’s no shortage of boring, polished, shiny art that’s non threatening and meaningless, both in skateboarding and outside of itŠ. I’d like to try and aim a little higher and lower.

Have you had any sexual experiences with animals before?
Not yet, but I’m at a place in my life where I’m not going to rule anything out. As for why, I like seeing animals hurt people, always have. I’m a big fan of justice and retribution. Whether it’s bird poop or a full blown mauling or rape, I think it’s funny.