Unseen Andy Warhol Films to be Digitised

Found this little snippet over at PSFK – always interesting to see unseen work by Warhol – especially his filmmaking with Malanga. We’re big fans of his screen tests so it’ll be interesting to see what these films are.

“The Warhol has announced an unprecedented partnership with The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and MPC, a global leader in visual effects, to convert hundreds of Andy Warhol’s never-before-seen films into digital format.

Warhol was a prolific film maker, making 60 feature films and over 500 black and white shorts from 1963 to 1972. But in the early 70s, Warhol pulled most of the films he directed out of circulation, and they have been languishing unseen ever since.

Now this partnership will bring to light nearly 1000 rolls of original 16 mm film, digitally scanning them frame by frame into high resolution images. While some of the films have been exhibited before by the MoMA (where they have been housed since the early 1990s), many will be available for viewing for the first time.”

Get the full lowdown on PSFK: bit.ly/1tdmmgn