Wanted: Quartersnacks’ – ‘God Bless America’ Tee

I think it’s gotta be worth purchasing one of these t-shirts from Quartersnacks purely for the blurb they wrote on them. Even if Americans are the most annoying people to watch football with. Here’s what QS wrote about their tees:

“America is no doubt responsible for some terrible stuff: the world’s most laughably excessive defense budget, the KFC Double Down, two-hour brunch lines, Dick Cheney, Wale…the list could go on forever. In fact, some nerds decided to make a summer movie about what the world would look like if the United States never existed. It likely won’t touch on two of America’s less heralded contributions to the world / the two things that this website is dedicated to — skateboarding and rap music.

Could you imagine living in a world without Nate Jones’ Real to Reel part or no “Danny Glover” (both the song and the guy who sat on the bomb-laden toilet)? That’s what a world without America looks like.

This Fourth of July, Quartersnacks would like to honor this occasionally great country and two of its always great contributions to human life. The tees are $25 + shipping in the webstore and available in a limited run. They’ll be available at Labor, NJ Skateshop, Seasons and Exit later in the week. (It’s a small run, so other shops won’t have them, sorry.)”

Available for purchase here: bit.ly/TieE6f