Wild Things x Buzz Rickson at Kinoko Store

The maths is very simple. Wild Things x Buzz Rickson = GOOD.

When two brands of this calibre work together on something, the likelihood is that the outcome is going to be rather nice. The resulting pieces combine the flare and technical expertise that Wild Things are known for with the attention to detail that Buzz Rickson do better than almost anyone else.
The garments take great inspiration from military pieces, as they’re from Buzz’s ‘United Carr’ line which specialises in repro military bits. The twist that Wild Things bring is the luxurious fabrics and interesting colourways. Authenticity is lost in favour of a Primaloft lining here and a camo lining there.

The collaboration comprises of a D3B parka, a reversible down jacket and CWU-9P liner all available here.

To go alongside the collection Kinoko put together a small lookbook, shot by Tom Fletcher and styled by Scott Jones.