Works for New Spaces

Fantastic video on a game-changing exhibition at the Walker Art Center.  The blurb on Youtube is fairly succinct so we’ll quote it rather than going on ad nauseum

“Works for New Spaces (1971) was a critical exhibition in the history of the Walker Art Center. The show not only marked a complete commitment to contemporary art and the living artist, but also ushered in a new building, designed by architect Edward Larrabee Barnes. Constructed with the needs of artists in mind, the Walkers new galleries were expansive and open, yet intimate and flowing. With the new building came new works of art. Donald Judd, Robert Irwin, Lynda Benglis, Dan Flavin, and many other artists were invited to create large-scale installations, showcasing the buildings new public spaces. Narrated by former director Martin Friedman, this film documents both the exhibition and the history of the Walker Art Center, noting the unique characteristics that define a multi-disciplinary institution.”